The Senseless - The Buried Life (Independent)

Fark! That was (heavy) mental...
Release Date: 
21 Mar 2017 - 12:30am

The Senseless release their third album (well, sole member Sam Bean actually) this month and it will fuck you up. I don't even know how to describe it because it incorporates a little bit of everything; a splash of grind, a dash of prog, a wee bit of death and a shit load of blasting. I like it a lot (the previous album The Floating World was a particular favourite of mine) but it's an exceedingly intense affair. Opening with This Town Will Kill Us the mumblings of the maddening crowd swirl about, rising to a crescendo before launching into something truly mental. You're smacked about with some of the most insane drumming (a re-occurring theme on The Buried Life) while a gravelly vocal alternates between whispered malevolence and screamy mad fun-times. There's also a lot of howling guitar work - like, really, really howling. My Word! I need a lie down and a nice cup of tea. But no! It's straight in to Safe Passage, again, the drums nail you to the floor as a death metal-esque vocal bubbles underneath. One of the things I like about The Senseless is Sam's ability to create intriguing structures within the tracks; it's hard to define but there's something about each tune that holds the attention - even if the track is going at 9000 BPM - no mean feat, I say.

There's a bit of groove (but not in a shitty nu-metal kind of way) to Anywhere But Here with an almost military beat and some spastic twitchy arrhythmic sections. It's a lot like watching Bene's Salome; intense to the point of almost being overwhelming. But there is coherence here, especially in the technical picking that punctuates a number of the tracks. Idle Wild is relentless with erratic guitars like a swarm of angry hornets. The bass stabs through and the distortion on the vocal is a delight. It is heavy as fuck. The weight to Brutum Fulmen is beyond measure - and the widdly-widdly woo guitars are a joy. Little flourishes like the freight train horn used to break up the song are a beautiful touch. How the fuck do you even start to compose insanity such as this?

Anyhow, there are a dozen tracks on here and every one of them is proper mad and there are points when the drums are going at such a pace that they almost become a single continous note. I went into the future several times. I'm not breaking this album down too far suffice to say that you may not be hard enough to take this album in one go. I did and became a dibbly farty mess - but then I also went back and listened to it several times more so make of that what you Will. Very extreme. Very nice.