Consummation- Ritual Severance (Invictus Productions)

Is this ritual worth the effort?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there’s something in the water in Brisbane. I’m not sure what it is, but whatever primal, psychokinetic stimulant that has been seeded in that city’s water supply by forces unknown has produced some of the most repellent and disturbing bands in the country. And that’s a compliment. We’re talking groups like Portal and Impetuous Ritual that seem to have spawned from some dark dimension and share creeping, cavernous qualities (as well as a few band mates) between them. And from that same primordial ooze comes Consummation, featuring members of Impetuous Ritual. This 2 song EP is their first official release of their 5 year history, has that incubation time birthed something as spectacular as it is revolting?

If first track The Weightless Grip of Fire is anything to go by, then that is a resounding yes. Invariably influenced by the same cavernous soundscapes as Impetuous Ritual, Consummation channels this swirling maelstrom of sound through a much more decidedly black metal lens. It’s at this murky crossroads where black and death metal meet where the band touches on sounds reminiscent to that of their hellish contemporaries. Many of the riffs call to mind the savagery of Summoning and Lvcifyre, while there’s more than a fair amount of Deathspell Omega’s atonality thrown in for good measure. Just listen to the descending cacophony that kicks in around the three minute mark to see what I mean. It’s not all about dissonance and aggression however, with the ending two minutes of the song taking a much more melodic, post metal route which leads to an emotive and powerful crescendo. Second track, Blighted Ovum follows suit with a good helping of the atonality and the malevolence as the last track. However, the song seems to cover much less territory in about the same time span. So, while still a quality track, it lacks for some of the impact of The Weightless Grip of Fire.

With just over 20 minutes of material, Consummation has managed to condense down some of the best aspects and influences present in extreme metal today. If the band are able to take this spark of ingenuity and translate it over to a full length release, they will get a lot of people talking about them.