Surgical Meth Machine - Self Titled (Nuclear Blast)

There are no words. There are no fingers...
Release Date: 
15 Apr 2016 - 11:30pm

I put this on the stereo and about an hour later realised that I had bitten all of my fingers off. Such is the madness that is Surgical Meth Machine. Another incarnation of Al Jourgensen (yes, that fellow from Ministry et al) this album is fucking mental. It's like Al and engineer Sam D'Ambruoso conspired to make the fastest, most violent album they could - only about mid-way through they found a big bag of weed and took it off in another direction. Opener I'm Sensitive offers Al's scathing commentary on social media; it starts with a muted beat but you know it's coming - and fuck does it come. 4000 BPM electro drums and guitars that not only want to kill your mama but also want to wear her skin at a midnight sex-party. It's so angry. It's so violent. There are samples galore, and it's brillaint. It comes at you from all angles, swearing and stabbing and cutting. Utterly marvellous.

Again, Tragic is pitched at the same level of intensity while I Want More gets a bit of a death metal growl going on with the vocals. Everything is punctuated with howling electro noises like good industrial metal should be. Rich People Problems offers more scathing social commentary but with a guitar solo that's almost traditional (whatever that means) - and it just fucking works. But that's just the start of the album. I Don't Wanna has the feel of a Dead Kennedys number - and with Jello Biafra contributing vocals I wonder which came first; the guest vocalist or the music? Not that it matters because it's a great tune. As is the stomping Smash and Grab. There's one last stab of utter madness with Unlistenable which is like an angry jumping CD (remember those things?) combined with a wholly erratic drum beat; did someone just mash all of the buttons on the drum machine? It's one of my favourite tracks on here (and Al declares his love of Devo too). It appears that everything is getting a touch slower with the back end of the album; I say slower but it's still ultra-quality stuff as Gates of Steel comes in with an almost 70's punk vibe combined with an electro twist. Just Go Home is an electro-experiment that wouldn't be out of place on an Aphex Twin album - and closer I'm Invisible is a marvellous lounge-esque job with Al crooning all over the shop. A brilliant, insane album of genius. I have no idea how they would pull this off in a live setting though - it's just so mental. Now will someone help me find my fingers so I can glue them back onto my stumps?