Lagerstein- All For Rum and Rum For All (Independent)

Many a fun time to be had with this album
Release Date: 
2 Feb 2016 (All day)

Out of all the pirate-themed bands that have followed in the wake of Alestorm’s massive success, Lagerstein’s debut album is the only album I’ve heard that has managed to capture the true essence and rum-soaked fun of the Scottish buccaneers. Perhaps it’s because the members of both bands seem to be kindred spirits. Both seem to share a fondness (and extreme tolerance for) excessive amounts of alcohol, and ear for a catchy melody and most importantly both are simply a lot of fun. So, when I heard that Lagerstein was coming out with a new album, I was all over it like stink on a wet dog.

They say that tigers rarely change their stripes and pirates rarely change their pants. As such, you should probably go into any given pirate metal album knowing roughly what you’re going to get. Which are mostly catchy songs about drinking and/or salty wenches with a little keytar thrown in for good measure. The quality of a pirate metal album lives and dies on the song-writing alone. Having said that, there is one major change from the last Lagerstein album to this one, namely their last captain (read: vocalist) jumped overboard and a new captain, Captain Gregarr, has taken the helm. His vocals bring a tad more melody to the fold than the usual gruff bark we’re used to from pirate bands.

Luckily, the band brought a bunch of great songs to the table to endear us to this new voice. They have all the songs you need to enjoy a drunken night out. They have your classic tequila infused earworms in the form of Drink the Rum, Down the Hatch and Shiver Me Timbers as well as a recipe-in-song drink for you to partake in while you listen to the album in the form of Jungle Juice. German Fun Times a perfect song for the part of the evening when you’ve had one too many and need to hug your best mate a bit too hard. They even take things on a turn for the epic with the closing punch of Land of Bundy/Fountain of Rum.

So, grab a bucket, a bunch of your best mates and a cask of the cheapest goon because All For Rum and Rum For All is a success and demands you party appropriately. 

All For Rum and Rum For All is out now.