Destroyer 666 - Wildfire (Season of Mist)

An unexpected but welcome high point in the band's career.
Release Date: 
26 Feb 2016 (All day)

Destroyer 666 is possibly the most important Extreme Metal band to have come out of Australia. Their “fuck you” attitude and rowdy take on black metal that incorporated both the first and second waves led them to become one of the frontrunners of what would eventually be known as 'Blackened Thrash'. With albums like Unchain the Wolves and Cold Steel… For An Iron Age, the band cemented their status and earned a global cult following. However, since 1997 they have released only 4 full length albums, so a new full length release by these Australian Anti-Christs is quite a big deal indeed.

Although, with a new album comes a bit of trepidation. Especially since a key member of the group, lead guitarist Shrapnel, left after their last album; 2009’s Defiance. Not only did the band lose an amazing guitarist, but also half of the songwriting force. So that leaves vocalist/guitarist KK Warslut to helm the album’s material by himself. This could have been an issue if it wasn’t for the fact that KK is a damn fine song-writer by his own rights. Almost as if to refute any potential doubt about the band losing steam, opening song Traitor bludgeons you over the head with its raw fury which is followed by the riff-tastic Live and Burn

One thing you come to notice on this album while listening to it is that the old-school influences are cranked up to eleven. There’s nary a blastbeat to be heard on this record, which is absolutely fine. KK has always been a devout fan of old-school metal and his Destroyer material has always been the more mid-paced anthemic stuff as opposed to Shrapnel’s blackened fury. Quite frankly, when the material is this good, it’s hardly an issue. Hounds At Ya Back has got to be one of the finest tracks the Destroyer has ever cranked out, with an absolutely massive chorus that will stick in your head like a rusty rail spike. While closer Tamam Shud takes things to a whole new level with it’s Viking-era Bathory grandiosity.

I’m honestly kind of surprised at just how good Wildfire is. Even after spending 7 years in the wilderness, this wolf pack is going as strong as they ever have. Buy a copy and turn it up loud or fukk off!

Wildfire is out now.