Tormenter - Prophetic Deceiver (Static Tension Recordings)

A much deserved-reissue that'll hopefully get the acclaim it deserves this time 'round...
Release Date: 
24 Jul 2015 (All day)

Californian thrashers Tormenter released Prophetic Deceiver under their own steam originally last year, but, despite the baleful MaF eye rarely missing a trick when it comes to bringing you the best in new metal releases, we never god to hear about the album here at Metal as Fuck HQ. Lucky for us – and, by extension you – that the good people at Static Tension decided to give the record a new lease of life, as it’s is indubitably deserving of a wider amount of attention than it got first time around.

Meaty, old school thrash is the name of the day, with occasional darts into more deathly (not to mention Death-ly) territory – especially on the excellent Critical Stasis, where bassist Kory Alvarez puts in some four string work highly reminiscent of Steve DiGeorgio – with magnificently structured tracks like Cosmic Collapse offering full rein to every band member to go through their paces in fine style.

Guitarists Jahir Funes and Joey Cazarez mesh together in spectacular fashion, trading leads, riffs and beautiful harmony sections without batting an eyelid, whilst vocalist Carlos Rodelo brings a fine, raw-throated vocal style to proceedings that certainly adds heaviness to the overall sound.

Add in the splendidly adept drumming of Tomas Bonilla – who comes to the fore particularly emphatically on album closer Pulse of Terror - and you would appear to have a band that has the capability to go a long way in the world of modern thrash. They’ve certainly got the chops, and whilst song wise they don’t quite yet have the polish to get them to thrash metal’s Premier League they honestly aren’t that far off if songs like Snakes in the Throne Room are to be believed.

If you like the idea of a straight-up metal band playing it thrash and accompanied by a man to whom Chuck Schuldiner means just as much as Joey Belladonna as a vocalist at the mic, then Tormenter might well be your next favourite thrash metal act. They certainly are mine!