Tomb Of Finland - Below The Green (Mighty Music)

Early 90's doom, black and death metal, anyone?
Release Date: 
20 Aug 2015 - 11:30pm

For a band that (apparently) has no bass player, Tomb Of Finland manage to produce some rather delightful metal goodness for your consumption - indeed, Below The Green has a rather epic quality to it that made me want to don some kind of super-hero outfit and right wrongs - such is the majesty of the guitar work care of Jasse Von Hast and Mikko Hannuksela.

Opener End of God is all twangy and conjures wispy fog swirling around the docks. Do I hear Olli Suvanto's raspy vocals in the background? Indeed! The riff from track one continues into Death Of The Sun but it gets all meaty and Olli's vocal is forced to the fore as he croaks and roars. There's a yearning; undefined yet hungry, about the compositions, and there's almost an eastern european vibe to the tone. Massive solos stab through the tune and I grab my cape and mask before jumping onto the back of the couch and leaping off. It's seriously inspiring stuff and the yearning guitars continue with In The Heart Of WInter, which although slightly slower, has some splendid drums and cymbal work from Janne Manninen.

And that's essentially how the whole album rolls; massive guitars and regal solos, all wrapped up with some sharp vocal work. There's nothing groundbreaking about the album but there doesn't need to be - it's a genuine affair that satisfies - despite the total and utter lack of bass (which, in other circumstances, may have put me off).