Titans Eve - Chasing the Devil (Own Label)

Moving forward by looking back...
Release Date: 
11 Jun 2015 - 11:30pm

Three years ago, after the release of the second Titans Eve album, Life Apocalypse, Metal as Fuck (or, more specifically, me) marked this band out as being on the verge of something potentially very big indeed. That album, being as it was an amalgam of all the more thrashular metal stylings popular at the time, seemed poised to lift this most exciting of Canadian bands into the big time with just a little bit of luck and a following wind…

It didn’t. We can’t be right all the time of course, but I do stand by my congratulatory review even now. And with Chasing the Devil, Titans Eve once again mark themselves down as one of the best acts in metal’s new breed, even though they’ve markedly changed sound and direction for this third release.

You see, Titans Eve have gone very much back to thrash basics for Chasing the Devil, the result being an ear-pleasing collection of almost retro thrash stylings, mixing up some pretty big Metallica and (possibly) Flotsam and Jetsam references with a solid grounding in the NWoBHM. On top of that you’ve got excellent, slower songs such as the aptly titled The Grind, wherein the band have come up with a stadium-levelling piece of arena metal that is, as well as being the album’s standout cut, an exhilarating break away from the Titans Eve norm.

This is thoughtful, grown-up thrash, away from the more bewildering excesses of the modern face of the genre; Brian Gamblin rarely, if ever, succumbs to the modern death metal vocal that often accompanies modern thrash tracks, preferring to employ a blast-furnace Hetfieldian bellow in most instances. It’s still entirely metal, of course, but it does make the TE brand of thrash metal just that little bit more accessible to ears of all ages, which must be a good thing.

Opening track We Defy is a stirring, double-kick assisted call to arms, whilst the title track will have live audiences exercising their lungs with gusto I’m sure; And, whilst the step away from what’s ‘in’ means that this probably isn’t the album to break Titans Eve on a worldwide scale either, you’ll struggle to hear a more listenable thrash album all year.