Thornesbreed - GTRD (Art of Propaganda)

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Release Date: 
28 Jun 2015 - 11:30pm

I'm unsure about the validity of deconstructing GTRD, Thornesbreed's second album - indeed, their first full length in 12 years, as I understand it - suffice to say that it is FUCKING GENIUS and you need to get it immediately (well, at the very least at the end of the month when it's released). Blackened death or deathened black; categories seem irrelevant when an album is this good.

After the exceptionally brief intro of Death, Lucid Death one is immediately battered by Not a Second from Oceans to Frozen Wastelands with such magificent soloing and distorted chordwork; it pours from the speakers like some kind of musical tsunami and drags you off to a watery grave - but there's nothing pissy or weak about this track. It burns hard, long and bright and I was immediately taken by the power and magificence of its construction - and this is my problem; finding suitable words to lavish my praise. The ENTIRE album is just magnificent.

A track like Horns ov Gaia demonstrates the band's grasp of their instruments and what they want to achieve - the track soars then pulls back, has a little 'oh, the children of Stonehenge' moment then returns in full force to become one of my favourite tracks on here. Words cannot do this song (or the album as a whole) justice. I refuse to comment any further on this album....oh, alright...Dividua Anima Pt.1 - fucking madness, Perpetual Stigmata - wave upon wave of noisy, stabbing joy...words fail me. Get it. Get it now.