Sunset In The 12th House - Mozaic (Prophecy Productions)

A nice change of pace...
Release Date: 
4 Jun 2015 - 11:30pm

This is a rather mellow affair bordering on the psychedelic - though admittedly it takes its main influences from the post/prog rock traditions (not that there's anything wrong that). Ex-Dordeduh members Edmond Karban (aka Hupogrammos) and Sol Faur join forces with current Dordeduh drummer Sergio Poti and bassist Mihai Moldoveanu (Beat Bang!, Jazzy BIT) to bring us a debut album that positively brims with prog fun and meandering moments of tripped out genius. It's not an overly heavy album yet at times I was reminded of Meshuggah on valium (without the down-tuning and palm mutes). It's an entirely instrumental affair but it's none the weaker for it - stick this on and chill/trip out. The roaming bass of Mihai (who is also a massive Karnivool fan) is a joy and I reckon the four musicians on here would have had a splendid time putting this album together.

Take Paraphernalia Of Sublimination for instance; the bass gets all over the place while all manner of obscure stringed instruments twang and slide across the track - I think the band hails from Romania so there may well be a cobza in the mix too - and there's such a marvellous sense of continuity throughout the tracks that you never feel lost of abandoned at any point. Again, the bass is huge on Rejuvenation with swirls of picked guitar notes and muted chords forming some snazzy jazzy tune while light keys blossom like random lotus flowers throughout. I'm tripping out, man - and it's a wonderful thing.

Admittedly it is more mellow than blastingly heavy but that pleased me no end, especially after a prolonged period of listening to nothing but pure heavy, heavy metal. Indeed Mozaic acted much like a dip in a cooling mountain stream after the blistering sun of so much heavier stuff. You may well wish to light one up immediately prior to sticking this one on. Or so I've been told. Nice and mellow. Oooh yeah...