Sextrash - Sexual Carnage (Greyhaze Records)

Sexual deviance is the raison d'etre and focus of Brazilian metal band Sextrash.
Release Date: 
13 Jan 2015 (All day)

Brazil has produced many excellent metal bands that have achieved recognition and notoriety beyond the shores of Latin America; Sepultura, most notably, Sarcofago, and numerous others. One band often forgotten, and undeservedly so, is Sextrash, formed by former Sarcofago drummer D.D. Crazy in the late 80’s. Sextrash are certainly distinctive, particularly with respect to their aesthetics, image, subject matter, and a variety of musical influences that would have sounded revolutionary in 1990 when the album was released. Any band whose debut album features artwork that is a combination of an early Slayer photo shoot and a Witchfinder General album cover is at least worth checking out.

The introductory song, appropriately titled Intro, with its tolling bell, repetitive riffing, evil sound effects and agonised vocals may as well be a Gehenna or Emperor demo. Proto-black metal is the order of the day. Psychoneurosis is an absolutely thunderous tune, the whole band beating the listener over the head with their particular instruments till you are left stumbling away a bloody mess, but still headbanging nonetheless. It is a pinnacle of what any self-respecting ‘extreme’ metal band should seek to reach. Combining death metal and grindcore, creepy sound effects, the grunting lower register and higher register screaming of vocalist Pussy Ripper, monstrous drumming from D.D., tight as fuck rhythm guitar and several solos, it is a tour de force. Many of the guitar solos on Sexual Carnage have a definite Slayer vibe. Delirium Tremens is just as good, with D.D. absolutely dominating - the drums may as well be called the lead instrument in this song. The Insatiable Pleasure of Delight is a song sandwiched between Iron Maiden’s distinctive gallop and Venom’s stomp and attitude.

Unfortunately, after these strong songs follows some filler, that is not uninteresting but feels like a repetition of the previous songs. Night Pigs stands out from the pack, featuring a doomy introduction and heavy use of effects, possibly including synthesisers or keyboards. Genital Tumor is literally sweating Hellhammer and Venom to begin with, before switching into early Carcass; perhaps not surprising, as the song title bears a strong similarity to a signature Carcass tune. Genital Tumor is the last song on the original release, but this reissue contains bonus tracks and all the songs from the long out of print EP XXX. Of these, Extreme Noise Terror and Intro (Penetration) are the most unique and noteworthy. The audio for this reissue has been restored and remastered, and is all the better for it, resounding in one’s ears with great clarity, capturing the full of piss and vinegar energy of the album.

Death metal, black metal, grindcore, and extreme metal in general is a much more crowded field in 2015 than it was in 1990, which makes it all the more remarkable that Sexual Carnage still sounds fresh, though no doubt not as shocking as its initial impact would have been. It is a shame the album is let down by a substandard mid section, however, there are enough classics here to easily justify a purchase. If you love metal, especially the dirtier, more punk, sprung from Venom’s loins kind of metal, Sextrash is the band for you.   

Sexual Carnage is out now.