Profane And The Sacred – Chapter 1: A Long Time Coming (Cargo Records)

If the Gods are with these chaps we should see a few more Chapters, and I for one am really looking forward to seeing what comes next! Damn! The album just finished (again), good thing I have that loop button depressed.
Release Date: 
23 Feb 2015 - 12:00pm

Hailing from the UK Profane and the Sacred are a four piece prog-stoner outfit that first collectively sparked the spliff in 2010. As the album title suggests this is their first release, and after strapping myself in for the epic listening journey and enjoying this bad boy (several times over) Chapter 1: A Long Time Coming should (if there’s any justice in this world) hold them in good stead to release many more.

The album starts with a mellow acoustic piece dancing around a simple riff that builds in complexity, and just when you’re wondering what you’ve let yourself in for, it explodes and transitions that acoustic riff into a very cool heavy version of same. This is a fine eight minute introduction to what you will find on here, the band paints textures of stonery proggy (sprog?) goodness throughout. The boys have really thought about each of these songs, they’ve built them so the songs are layered with crushing depth; it’s like being slammed in the face repeatedly by a riff machine amped up on acid. 

The musicianship on display is outstanding; each member plays their arse off from the first notes of the opener Bench to the closer A New Leaf. Chapter 1: A Long Time Coming keeps you interested for the whole whacked out trip.

And, these blokes don’t believe in just doing a simple stoner song, with multiple blistering parts plastered throughout each song Profane and the Sacred take you on a journey equal parts groove metal and stoner rock coloured with passages of prog and overlaid with a love of the blues (have a good listen to You Know). They remind me a little of those glorious examples of prog stoner from over the Channel, Abrahma (who have an album due soon, bags the review please Ed). If you like groove, heavy riffs, a little experimentation, melody and clean vocals then this shit is right up your alley. 

And, you’re getting your money’s worth with this one, while only sporting 9 songs Profane and the Sacred spit out heavy groove drenched tunes that generally clock in between 5 and 8 minutes in length. 

It’s really hard to pick a favourite song as on each listen you hear something new. Weather And The Storm, You Know or Just A Little with its cool slow heavy dirty bastard wind down of a riff have all been favs, Words is gold, full of little prog flourishes and driven along by the bass and then the final tune on the album A New Leaf is just beautiful in its execution, an instrumental that closes the album out perfectly. 

Chapter 1: A Long Time Coming should take up a slot in your collection if you’re into bands like Red Giant, Pantera, the aformentioned Abrahma and Corrosion of Conformity. I’m a big fan of Alabama Thunderpussy, and am still keeping my fingers crossed for a new album, but in the meantime Profane and the Sacred will fill that void very nicely thank you. It’s got that same stoner sensibility as Thunderpussy but with a bit more musical depth thrown in. Any self-respecting banger should at least give it a listen; it’s more than worth the investment of time.