The Midnight Ghost Train – Cold Was The Ground (Napalm Records)

A collection of outstanding tunes that should see The Midnight Ghost Train's Cold Was The Ground on top of your must get purchases list
Release Date: 
28 Feb 2015 - 12:00pm

This is a powerful album, and will be a contender for my album of the year! The opening salvo of Along The Chasm with its groovy heavy riff, wah and pounding rhythm is a fine introduction to what lays in store on Cold Was The Ground. The short instrumental opener segues seamlessly into Gladstone with its guttural rip your head off vocal delivery which still manages to ooze melody. 

This is the third album for The Midnight Ghost Train, and showcases their dirty swampy heavy blues to fine effect. If you have ever wondered what Clutch amped up on steroids with Chris Barnes from Cannibal Corpse up front might sound like then you need to check this shit out. 

Personally, I love a power trio and these blokes excel at writing tunes that showcase the ability of each member, the songs are full, interesting and heavy. Cold Was The Ground pummels you with its intensity, Steve Moss wringing torturous notes from both his guitar and his vocals. This stuff is four to the floor, take no prisoners metal, with the lead single BC Trucker being a shining example of the attitude that is prevalent throughout Cold Was The Ground

Mike Boyne (bass) is outstanding, he and Brandon Burghart (who himself was originally a bass player for the band before taking over the drum duties) hold it all together with their in the pocket grooves, especially on Arvonia, Straight To The North, Twin Souls and Mantis.

One of the standout tracks for mine is The Little Sparrow, which takes a break from the intensity of the rest of the album and meanders along on a cool bass line while Barnes tells a stark tale about the angst and loneliness of writing a song and how it will be the death of him. The whole vibe of this song stands out on an album full of brutal head nodding good times. 

There is not a bad tune on this album, it saunters along, fists clenched and leading with the chin challenging you not to like it, and if you don’t like it they don’t give a fuck, they’ll knock you on your arse, walk over your prone body and continue marching on.