Lord Dying - Poisoned Altars (Relapse Records)

Let yourself be pummeled by the intense stoner metal of Lord Dying
Release Date: 
27 Jan 2015 (All day)

Big chugging bastards of riffs with pounding rhythms driven along by unbridled fury is pretty much what you're in store for with Lord Dying's second album. This is the kind of metal that puts it's hand down your throat and tickles your nuts from the inside, it will be responsible for singularly sterilising a generation of stoner kids who have sat too close to the speakers and had their sperm permanently mangled by the heaviness of the grooves coming from Poisoned Altars.

There's nothing on here that isn't going to bludgeon you with heavy arsed stoner metal fury. There are no seventies pretensions or airs about what Lord Dying deliver, they're not channelling melodies and stoner hippy sentiment - this is the real shit. This is the sort of stuff that has your mum and dad running for the hills not recalling when they used to listen to Leafhound or Captain Beyond.

We even get a cameo from Aaron Beam of Red Fang fame on here. Lord Dying capture the same sort of hellish pot tinged good time as High On Fire or Black Tusk. This is a band that is ready to rip your face off and kick you in the nuts while tearing you a new arsehole, the alternative being you could invite them to sit down and have a session with you in which case you might save yourself the ball kicking. They know how to deliver exactly what the fan wants and do it with aggressive intent. On Poisoned Altars Lord Dying give us a fine slab of heavy, something you should track down and experience. Outanding effort chaps.

Disclaimer: My apologies to the female readers for all the ball kicking references, suffice it to say your girly bits would be just as damaged!