Erdh - Sideremesis (Apathia Records)

Electronic cinematic metal...
Release Date: 
19 Oct 2015 - 12:30am

Not really metal but quite delightful if you dig a bit of dark electro - and there are only four tracks on this little EP so you won't have much time to dislike it if this kind of stuff isn't your cup of tea. Personally, I'm digging it. Imagine Depeche Mode or a modern day Kraftwerk in the throes of an existential crisis and you might get some sort of an idea what Erdh are about.

Not having any idea about the band, I chucked this on and as the opening electro squeaking of Sideremesis started, I thought 'Ah! Mellow intro leading into mentalist blasting' but no, there's no booming drums or howling guitar - it's elecronica through and through. If you don't dig a bit of bleep and bloop then you will absolutely hate this, but there's plenty of technological experimentation for those that like a bit of synthy fun-times. It's all a bit 80's new wave and rather enjoyable with a suiitably dramatic (and often maudlin) vocal careening across the four tracks.

If you're after something totally outside the usual remit of metal then give this a go. It's rather nice.