Eradikator - Edge of Humanity (Divebomb/Tribunal)

Straightforward - though very pleasing - thrash from the Black Country...

Brummie thrashers Eradikator are, quite frankly superb. They work within incredibly defined parameters – the first two or three Metallica and Testament albums actually – but what they do is absolutely faultless – so faultless that any criticism of the sheer bare-faced cheek with which they lift bits from their heroes is actually pointless, such is the pure thrash enjoyment Edge of Humanity will engender amongst the mosh-happy faithful.

Vocalist/bassist Pat Cox has the Hetfield/Billy impersonation down erm, pat, with absolutely not one iota of individuality in his voice to spoil the effect. But it doesn’t matter, because he attacks his songs with such conviction that you simply believe the man. The fifth song in here, the stomping Season of Rage, is particularly compelling vocally.

Drummer John MacNevin is obviously better than Lars Ulrich so there’s no cause for concern there, whilst guitarists Andy MacNevin and Liam Priest have a good understanding, meshing well to create some fine sonic barrages, as well as some neat interplay when the song demands.

For all their faultless thrash credentials, the band actually sounds best when it slows down a tad – the epic Fortress Unknown is a splendid piece of Onslaught-style chug/filigree juxtaposition, though Cox never attempts bothering his higher registers which is possibly the only cause for concern here – a little – just a little – variation in the delivery of the vocals might reap big dividends in the future.

This is Eradikator’s second full-length offering; I haven’t heard the first so I can’t really comment on the progress or lack thereof the band is making; but I would say that they’ve absolutely mastered their classic thrash art, so maybe it might be time for a little wing-spreading next time? Whatever they decide to do, however, this is a rattling good listen and well wiorth the attention of anyone with a denim cutoff and a pair of hi tops. Great work guys!

Edge of Humanity is out now.