Ecstatic Vision - Sonic Praise (Relapse Records)

All hail our new psychedelic overlords...
Release Date: 
25 Jun 2015 - 11:30pm

Philidelphia's Ecstatic Praise have all the drugs. Possibly. This gorgeous release is veritably soaked in LSD; indeed, it is heavy psychedelia and is like some clash of Bertie Blackman (for all the mad noises going on in the background), Sabbath (fat riffs), Hawkwind (hypnotics) and Orchid (doomy fun-times). Doug Sabolick busts out his weaving guitar solos (all suitably drenched in every effects pedal under the sun) as well as an almost Lemmy-esque vocal growl which suits the music perfectly. He also does heavy duty B3 work - apparently that's some sort of Hammond organ. It's the good stuff.

Take opener Journey, which consists of layers and layers of organ/guitar/etc (all perfectly balanced, mind) which morph into some mind-bending acid soup - and this is the thing about Sonic Praise; despite the vast layers, it isn't overdone. There are only five tracks on here but quite a few push the 10 minute mark. Check out the bongo madness of ...To The Astral Plane, a massive 12 minute plus tune that is so raunchy that once you hear Michael Field Connor's bass (which is huge) you'll immediately be whipping off those velvet flares and getting about all nudey-nude, preaching about free love and good times for all. Well, I know I did...

A big favourite for me was the tune Sonic Praise which highlights the wicked mad skills of percussionist Jordan Crouse - the drumming is just so solid underneath the hypnotic rhythms. After hearing this album I ate every single piece of fungus in the garden and became at one with all things. Heavy weight tripping madness. Get this and get on it.