Desert Storm - Omniscient (Blindsight)

A fine listening experience that takes you on a heavy blues tinged journey, get in!
Release Date: 
26 Jan 2015 (All day)

Desert Storm's, Omniscient, is different to what is often times found on your atypical straight ahead stoner metal album. Sure there's the heavy crushing grooves you want from the genre but there's a little more blues on here (a perfect example is the hard n heavy groove of House Of Salvation that comes across like Raging Slab on PCP) and even a little dabble with folk (check out Home for its quiet and thoughtful meanderings). The blokes in Desert Storm don't mind putting a bit of a psychedelic spin on things either, like during Sway Of The Tides.

Desert Storm know how to write a down and dirty groove, the band locks in and explores it ferociously. And then with singer Matt Ryan moving from downright deep almost death metal like growls (like in the opening two tracks; Outlander and Queen Refer) to Anselmo or Neil Fallon like passages there's plenty to like about Desert Storm.

The tunes on Omniscient are anything but predictable. They have a hard heavy crunching groove that gets the adrenalin pumping, the head nodding and the foot tapping. I'm not sure how much of a departure Omniscient is to their previous albums, I haven't heard any Desert Storm before, but if it's in the same ballpark as Omniscient it's something I'll have to check out (available cheap on the bands Bandcamp page here

Desert Storm takes the furore of High On Fire, mixes it with some of the groove of Clutch, the blues of Johnny Winter and throws in some Townes Van Zandt for good measure. This is a shatteringly good album that has a little bit of something for everyone. If you like things hard, heavy n ready to party then you need this in your life. The title of the album isn't far off when related to the music within its grooves.