Dead Lucky - Sons Of Lazarus (Dr Music Records)

A stompingly good time, Dead Lucky show the promise of South African metal!
Release Date: 
13 Mar 2015 (All day)

This is going to be close to a first for me, experiencing South African music, I don't know too many South African bands outside Die Antwoord and Seether, and can't think of any metal ones so I'm excited to hear what Dead Lucky are going to deliver on Sons Of Lazarus. With the opening strains of album starter, Sons Of Lazarus, I thought I was about to settle in for some classic twin guitar heavy metal but that notion soon died when the song burst into a more contemporary southern metal type of vibe. Sounds like this might be a beer drinking album then!

In fact Dead Lucky peddle a style of metal that predominantly paints shades of southern, classic heavy and speed metal. It's not anything new in its delivery but it does what is says on the package and does it pretty well. Kyle Lucky sings with a throaty roar, not the same gravelly delivery that Lemmy provides, but more of a deeper gruff growl, and it suits the material well. There's the odd screamo backing vocal that slips its way in, but even that works. The twin guitar attack of Alex Krause and Chris Bornman plays well, with some nice melodic moments throughout and an unrelenting ferocious heavyness when that's required to drive the songs along. The bottom end is all earthshakingly good rumble, provided by the appropriately named Chris Thunder and Jean Labuschagne.

There's spit and venom a plenty on Sons Of Lazarus, it's almost punky in places, like they're fans of New Model Army, but there's plenty more southern swagger. The themes of a lot of the tunes are more straight up rock n roll, singing about similar concepts as a thousand other horns up bands, you know, sexy women, drinking, living fast, the occult - all good heavy metal themes.

Look, at the end of the day, Dead Lucky is a welcome addition to the current stack of bands that are getting thrown into the stoner rock pile. Keep in mind when you dig a little deeper with a lot of these bands, there's often a bit more below the surface, and Dead Lucky are one of those bands - be proud South Africa, these blokes are representing well.