Crest Of Darkness - Evil Messiah (My Kingdom Music)

But is it really evil black metal?
Release Date: 
23 Feb 2015 - 12:30am

The press blurb for Crest of Darkness says that they're 'evil black metal' so I'm thinking that I'll be off descrating graveyards before the EP has even finished playing. But then Evil Messiah, the first track of four on here, comes on and I'm surprised to hear very little black metal influences aside from Ingmar Amlien's vocal delivery (he also does bass duties too). Not that there's anything wrong with the song; it's got chunky riffage, solid drumming and the keyboard work of guest Kristian Wentzel adds a nice depth to everything. Armageddon gets a touch more black but still seems to veer more towards a thrashy/deathy vibe. There's some nice wailing, and you could still go pretty mental to it (and I do). There's a warm tone to the instruments and production and for some reason, I'm thinking of glam-rock influences - though I'm not exactly sure why? I suspect the band will want to flay me for that comment...

Abandoned By God has lovely ringing percussion courtesy of Bernhard and death roars punctuate the track. Rebo busts out some splendid riffs and leadwork and final song, a cover of Alice Cooper's Sick Things, has a solo that is so raunchy I immediately went out and seduced a goat after hearing it. As noted, there are only four tracks on here and I enjoyed this bite-sized offering despite varying levels of confusion about the style/genre that Crest Of Darkness lay claim to. Fuck all that though - the music is pretty sweet, and that's what counts, no?