Zex - Ragnarok Session (Medusa Crush Recordings)

Break out the Cider, boots and harries on!
Release Date: 
30 Sep 2014 - 11:30pm

Ottawa punx Zex try to big themselves up in their press release as a return to the female fronted NWBoHM glories of Girlschool but that’s surely the demented idea of some weirdo press guy, right? Why would a band as raw, footloose and fancy free as Zex wanna lump themselves in with barely credible, lumpen hacks like Girlschool?

It nearly put me off listening to this gem of an EP, I can tell you. The splendid reality of Ragnarok Session is that Zex possess all the gloriously naïve vitality of acts like Vice Squad and Attak – bands informed by metal, for sure, but shot through with raw, vital punk smarts and an ear for an unlikely melody that makes listening to this EP a real twenty minute rollerocasster ride, packed with amphetamine thrills and araldite spills.

Zex sound about as close to the real deal as ‘punk’ gets in 2014, and that’s pretty much close enough for this old hack. If there are any reservations, it’s that the production just obviously doesn’t harness the band’s power anywhere near enough – although again that’s probably one up to the band in the authenticity stakes – but if it’s the filth and the fury you’re after, then vocalist Gretchen Steel, drummer Tasha and stringed instrument exponents Gab Sex (4) and the particularly splendid Jo Capiatlicide (6) do a pretty good job at catering for all your punk needs.

EP of the year, and then some…