Sydonia - Reality Kicks (Price War)

Potential world domination alert...
Release Date: 
6 Feb 2014 - 11:30pm

The press release accompanying the review copy of this, Sydonia’s second full length release, is at great pains to tell us about the big metal names who like the band. Should we care about that? Doesn’t that actually just say more about the personal musical taste of those name dropped rather than attesting to the quality (or otherwise) of the actual release (do you have impeccable taste in music just because you are in a big band? my experience in these matters suggests not. Always.)? Or am I being unreasonably picky and just looking for a reason not to like the record? 

If the last proposition in that first paragraph is the case, then it’s probably just about the only reason not to like Sydonia, as they spend an hour on Reality Kicks bending over backwards to please just about anybody who comes across the album. The basic framework here is a sort of late nineties alt.rock/nu metal melange, which really could be as awful as it sounds. And yet Sydonia transcend that tag to provide a surprisingly pleasant listening experience. The key to this is the band’s excellent grasp of what makes a memorable song. For every couple of minutes of grinding, sometimes meandering riffage you get an absolute diamond of a radio riendly, all-guns blazing chorus, and this understanding of dynamics makes songs such as Drag You Out and TL absolutely undeniable.

Nothing is allowed to get too precious, too ‘progressive’ or indeed too heavy for too long, and in vocalist Dana Roskvist Sydonia have a bona fide world class performer. If they can now get into gear and keep up this quality with another full length soon – eight years between albums is surely too long – then success on the World stage must surely be little more than a formality.

Looks like Randy Blythe might have been right after all…