Subtract: Talk Minus Action Equals Nothing (Rhythmethod)

Forget Everything You Know....

Surrender weakness, relinquish fragility; this is not for the faint at heart. Instantly, exhilaration and anticipation builds with the opening track Serve and Protect, this anticipation; it spews out the mouth with reckless abandon; you feel your arms flail, the chest becomes its own bass drum with Horned God; bug eyed and with a dropped jaw one dribbles and marvels at the astounding efforts of New Zealand’s Subtract with the album of their career; Talk Minus Action Equals Nothing.

Subtract are a testament to the very constitution of heavy metal; representing strength, prowess, soul and passion. With a fierce and cunning momentum, the band have exceeded the expectations of their genre, and flawlessly launched into a new era. The album demonstrates the confrontational and intimidating talents of drummer Mark Rees and guitarists Evan Short and Joel Facon whose capacity is captured in songs such as Horned God, Devine Wind and not only the title track but the stand out track of the album; Talk Minus Action Equals Nothing. Perfectly blended; teaming with supremacy and muscle and god damn; so sinfully delectable. This is the album for which head banging was originated!

The sheer amount of raw energy and no frills approach the album propagates is measured by the skill displayed by its authors. Such precision is presented in this album; a breath of fresh air which clearly identifies with the reasons we live and breathe heavy metal. Talk Minus Action Equals Nothing is the type of album that turns musicians into heroes and the exact type of album that inspires kids to pick up guitars.

Talk Minus Action Equals Nothing is out now.