In Malice's Wake- Visions of Live Destruction (Own Label DVD)

Real live thrash...

Melbourne’s maniacal thrash metal crew In Malice’s Wake have returned to the fold with a brand new live album and DVD. I always find it’s an interesting creative choice when relatively small bands choose to film a DVD as they’re not likely to have the budget to make as big of a production of it as larger bands could. However, Visions of Live Destruction does a surprisingly good job of capturing all of the sweat-soaked mayhem a tightly-packed thrash gig in Melbourne can produce.

The material for the show was culled from the band’s two albums, which are both packed with hyper-aggressive thrash metal with near death metal vocals. That means plenty of fast-paced material to keep the crowd whipped up. The first thing you notice about …Live Destruction is that the performances are top notch. Thrash metal is one of those genres that should always come alive in a live setting and In Malice’s Wake manage to up the utter urgency of their music here. They function like a well-oiled machine; delivering crushing jams one after the other with expert efficiency.

Another thing worth noting is how well the camerawork and editing is handled on this release. The intimate setting of the venue might have made it difficult to place cameras, but they adequately manage to capture both the performance of the band and the action happening in the crowd. They even have a “mosh cam” strapped to the head of one participant as he gets right in amongst it, capturing some really good pitting shots. The editing is also evenly paced, allowing you to get a good look at what’s going on without resorting to the hyperactive jump-cuts that seem to be an annoying trend popping up in many more big budget DVD’s. The audio is also of a really high quality, but doesn’t sound like it’s been over-produced.

Visions of Live Destruction is a competently put together live release by one of the better thrash bands that has come out of Melbourne. This is a must-own for existing fans of the band, as well as fans of Australian metal in general. It’s not every day that a local act puts out a DVD, let alone one of this quality.

Visions of Live Destruction is out now.