Lost Society - Terror Hungry (Nuclear Blast)

Pleasant to listen to, but ultimately pointless...
Release Date: 
3 Apr 2014 - 11:30pm

“Attention! Attention! The world has become infected with high levels of alcohol!”

Without doubt the finest line ever to start an album, these words welcome you to the breakneck drinking, fighting, fucking and thrashing world of young Finns Lost Society. It’s an amusing opening gambit, endearing even, and it certainly provides you with an insight into the mindset of the band. What we have here is a band hellbent on recreating the party-hardy days of late eighties thrash metal; luckily they seem to have the chops do to such a thing, because it seems high on the boys’ list of priorities to recreate every different type of ‘classic thrash’ know to man over the course of Terror Hungry.

In essence, this makes the band nothing more than a thrash tribute act. After the apocalyptic spoken word/siren opening of Spurgatory the next track is Game Over, in which the band revisit New York City circa 1986, Is the tracked named in deference to Nuclear Assault? I couldn’t possibly say, but those oh-so-authentic gang vocals chanting the title come chorus time leads me to believe it might well be. 

Next we’re jetting across the states – and back in time – for a bit of early Exodus in the form of Attaxic. Now don’t get me wrong, both these tracks are pretty good listening fodder (particularly the viciously unhinged Attaxic, if I’m honest), but I’m struggling to see the point of a band so clearly talented being merely content to ape things from their dads’ record collections. Lethal Pleasure might well be an as-yet-undiscovered outtake from the first Megadeth album, right down to the fantastic Gar Samuelsonesque drumming of Ossi Paananen.

The title track sounds a bit more frantic, a bit more Teutonic… that’s right! it’s like Terrible Certainty-era Kreator!

Are you getting the idea now? I’m pretty sure you are. I know we’re meant to be celebrating thrash metal here at MaF this month but if that means something being lauded purely for being ‘thrash’ rather than ‘worthy of your hard earned’ then I’m bowing out now. The album sounds fine, the performances are tight, (actually some of the soloing is superb in places): If you have quite honestly never heard thrash metal before this actually isn’t a bad place to start, preferably with someone more experienced (and patient) along for the ride who can tell you just who each song rips off. Otherwise – don’t bother.