Fan evaluation: Exodus - Fabulous Disaster (Combat/Music for Nations)


The prison system, inherently unjust and inhumane

Is the ultimate expression of injustice

And inhumanity in the society at large.

Those of us on the outside do not like

To think of wardens and guards as our surrogates, yet they are.

And they are intimately locked in a deadly embrace

With their human captives behind prison walls.

By extension, so are we.

The terrible double meaning is thus imparted

To the original question of human ethics

"Am I my brother's keeper?"

From this spoken intro you know you are in for some brutal music. Fabulous Disaster was released in January 1989 and is the 3rd album by 5 piece Californian band Exodus. The first song The Last Act of Defiance is about the New Mexico State Penitentiary Riots & what better band to bring this true life violence into musical form other than Exodus? 

Fabulous Disaster, the second track is about those who have their fingers on the button ready to wipe out everything & how we should not just sit back, but should stand up & fight. Gary Holt & Rick Hunolt bring some of their magic guitar solos together here.

Toxic Waltz is an anthem, albeit a violent one, as it goes “kick your friend in the head & have a ball” and also features my favourite lyric “Good friendly violent fun in store for all”.

The next 2 songs bring about a change in tempo with the cover of Low Rider, a song written by the band War and then Cajun Hell which sees Dov Christopher play Harmonica on it,  which actually fits quite well. He is the bloke who also brings us the spoken intro.

Like Father, Like Son is the longest song at just over 8:00 and allows them more time to build this song up and show what they can do as a band. If you couldn’t guess from the song title, it’s about a father’s abuse of his family and his son growing up to be just like him.

Corruption, from the start with Tom Hunting’s cymbal work to the 2 H’s chugging guitar, the band get back to the speed & tempos of the 1st few songs but with madder guitar work..

Verbal Razors with its catchy riffs, guitar work & Steve’s few breaths between lines, is a killer. Open Season is another song where Steve’s vocals are only given a rest while Gary and Rick do their magic.

The album's bonus track is a cover of AC/DC’s Overdose. This was not on the original Vinyl Record or Cassette and if you didn't know otherwise you could be mistaken for thinking it was Bon Scott singing it.

I chose this album because I remember when it was released. Gary Holt is a god to me and I have met him twice along with drummer Tom Hunting.

After seeing this band I now know that even though it was Rob Dukes and not Paul Baloff {R.I.P)" how Exodus can and do send a crowd into a frenzy and can picture them at Ruthie's bar & grill smashing glasses left on the stage & fans cutting the shit out of themselves or by asking to see a dead poser and the fans going out and cutting some poor guys throat "Why you should never wear spandex clothing"

They also have the best live album sound I have ever heard in Another Lesson in Violence which was the last thing Paul Baloff did with them.