Cemetary Lust - Orgies of Abomination (Hells Headbangers)

Thrash. Stop. Repeat. Thrash. Stop. Repeat...
Release Date: 
23 Jun 2014 - 11:30pm

American thrashers Cemetery Lust: What is there to say about this band that wasn’t already said twenty odd years ago about the first albums by Slayer and Kreator? Literally, change the names and that could be the case, save for the fact that, of course, CL are neither as original or indeed talented as those two acts…

Orgies of Abomination, all that being the case, is, however, quite an arresting way to spend thirty five minutes of your time. They may be unoriginal, but bassist Raypist (who also contributes some tasty backing growls, especially on the ludicrously heavy Cum on the Cross), axemen Squid Nasty and Nasty Nate and drum batterer Disgustor certainly know their way around their chosen genre, with the likes of Malice in the Morgue and Mass Grave Orgy pounding along with evil intent and nefarious purpose. The former in particular will start a fair bit of twitching in your extremities, possibly because the band sounds twice as nasty when they slow down and grind, rather than thrashing at full speed all the time.

That said, Cyborg Sex Machine is pretty good and it doesn’t pause for breath – it’s just that when the band indicates it does indeed have a grip on dynamics and songcraft you start to think there might be a bit more to them than mere thrash idolatry.

Of course all that’s the whining of a sad old ‘music critic’ I doubt Cemetary Lust, who term the style of music they play ‘rape metal’ are looking at mainstream recognition for what they do, or even mass appeal in metal circles for that matter. Any deviation from the Petrozza/Hanneman/King blueprint would probably be punishable by genital branding and a spot of time in the local tar n’feather bazaar, thus rendering my sniffing about songcraft spectacularly redundant, And  so, within those limited confines I declare Orgies of Abomination to be a spectacular success. Hail!