The Algorithm - Octopus4 (Basick Records)

Electro prog metal...
Release Date: 
1 Jun 2014 - 11:30pm

I have to admit that I wasn't overly enamoured with The Algorithm's Octopus4 when I first heard it - but then I should also admit that I wasn't really paying too much attention as it played in the background while I went about my business. Then I was asked to review it so I went back, hit replay and cranked the fuck out of the volume on the gramophone - and blimey guv'nor! It's rather funk-a-licious.

It's more electro than metal (though a few tracks get a bit of guitar thrown in) but don't be a small-minded peanut - get involved. Any album that's about a Commodore 64 (at this point younger readers may well be wondering 'what's that?') computer virus that's in love with Will Smith is OK with me - particularly as the whole concept is portrayed with little to no vocals to paint the picture. A few samples here and there suffice in conjuring up the story-line while all manner of bleeps and bloops (a smidge of dub-step even) hit the canvas of your mind like paint-balls fired from a machine-gun. As a lover of all manner of techno/electronica, I love the album. Others may not.

Tracks like synthesiz3r go all out nutzoid dub wub wub and Remi Gallego (who does all the sampling, programming and keytar on here) even throws in a euro-techno vocal line to annoy those listeners not willing to put aside their preconceptions. As I said, this is more electro than metal but who gives a fuck? It's techno-fun and should be blasted at top volume for maximum enjoyment - however, if you're not a fan of electronica then you'll probably hate it. Surely an album to divide the music community. Get some 'E' and get down, I say...