Wardruna – Yggdrasil (Indie Recordings)

Folk to the limit.
Release Date: 
22 Mar 2013 (All day)

Wardruna (a project comprising of Kvitrafn (Jotunspor), Gaahl (God Seed,, ex-Gorgoroth) and the beautiful voice of Lindy Fay Hella) made a quite impression with their first album Gap Var Ginnunga. Although the intentions at the time were to show their folk side, they did it with some restraint, the album sounding more like an atmospheric/ambient project…

But here the folk (and I’m not talking about the folk metal of Finntroll or Korpiklaani) is utterly apparent and ritualistic, like a Germanic tribe in a coven calling upon their old gods in a festival of spring to give heathen blessings and advice.

Everything here is pure ritual music, and if you’re still wondering, let me say that this album is very similar to that one made by their Lativian counterparts Skyforger (mainly from their acoustic album Zobena Dziesma).

There are no guitars, or black metal passages, so you have to enter into a magic world of antique sorcerers beating on their primitive drums of doom and commanding the tribe to gather around the fire.

The album is somewhat long, but it’s catchy. Yet I can truly highlight one song called Solringen which detaches from the rest of the opus. It’s a ceremonial dance, mixing acoustic tribal beats (no overdubs here) and chants - male and female - with steady choruses and repetitions that make it perfect to hear on a cold morning before going to work. 

Wardruna fills a gap that was forgotten by the happy bands of folk music. They do a serious kind of folk without compromising their “metalness” and their album will be much appreciated by those who like their music ritualistic and wintery. Beautiful and inspired!


Yggdrasil is out now on Indie Recordings.