Vorum - Poisoned Void (Woodcut Records / Dark Descent Records)

Finland's Vorum have created an amazing album in Poisoned Void that will totally melt your face. Everything about Poison Void is Squeeee worthy; it's headbanging circle pit happiness.
Release Date: 
25 Jan 2013 (All day)

Vorum is set to release new album entitled Poisoned Void on Woodcut Records / Dark Descent Records on January 25. Poisoned Void is a cacophony of sound. The guitars are frenetic and wild. The drumming is completely intense. The overall tone of Poisoned Void is dark. This is how music from Finland should sound. Evil. Scary. Decadent. Everything about Vorum’s Poisoned Void is darkly relentless. The guitars create a wall of sound. The guitar solos conjure up mal intent. The music dips and swoops like an evil crow out for revenge.

Poisoned Void opens with the track Impetious Fires and immediately a circle pit opens up wherever you may be standing. It’s an amazingly fast and furious song. For a die-hard metal head like me, a slow wide satisfied grin spreads across my face. The guitars have this wickedly nice tone to them and they hit all the good vibes. Impetious Fires segues into Death’s Stains and again the guitar work is just phenomenal. There is truly a wall of sound coming from Vorum. It’s accentuated by some killer drumming. The song Death’s Stains is like pulling 3G’s in an SR-71.

Vorum slows the pace down a tad to the almost doom and sludge- like Thriving Darkness.  No fears as it doesn’t stay slow for long. Thriving Darkness alternates between powerful and skulking riffage. Evil Seed follows and it’s just that, evil. I love it. This kind of hyper furious metal is the best metal on the planet and Vorum plays it very well. Evil Seed is the fifth song on Vorum's album Poisoned Void and there is not a bad song so far. Each song makes me gleefully smile and thrash about my flat.

Vorum offers the listeners a wonderful mixture of old school circle pit metal mixed with head banging ferocity and an added pinch of dark doomy death. Poisoned Void is only thirty-four minutes long but you are well spent by the time the album is finished. Vorum’s album is the best way I know of to start 2013 with a bang.