Vomitor – The Escalation (Hells Headbangers)

The Aussie Invasion – part II
Release Date: 
22 Jan 2013 - 12:30pm

Hailing from Brisbane Metal City, Vomitor is back and of course, demanding world wide recognition with their team of stars: Anton Vomit (bass), Hellkunt (ex- Bestial Warlust, ex- Gospel of the Horns), Deathdealer (ex-Gospel of the Horns) and Horror Illogium on vocal duties the guitarist of one of the most influent bands in the underground scenario in the world: Portal. 

Vomitor is so metal, true and cult, that clichés aren’t enough to describe them. Their thrash/death assault a la Vulcano, Venom, At War and everything that reeks underground and thus classic puts every other band out of the game with their low budget production. Or do you really think to be low budget and true is the privilege or an invention of Darkthrone?

The songs are in-the-face, conjuring evil spirits with lashings of black/death/thrash assault like in the songs Hellburst to Fight (and its gritty guitar sound that will sound terrible for fans of Alcest or Trivium -  hahahahaha) and even the solo is low-budget (although this is open to interpretation).

The title-track it’s the most sophisticated (ahem) song of the album with some different drum fills and strange tempos, but always keeping extreme attention to not sell-out to modern metal. 

My fave song  Metal or Die (I love the originality of the titles) resembles old Morbid Angel from the album Covenant without being fancy, and maybe this is just distant influence or a spasm clearly unintentional. But other riffs in the same song may deny my former interpretation. 

There’s nothing more to say about this album other that it sounds like a bad thrash metal album from 1980’s, however this is EXACTLY the intention, to sound terrible, to sound old school. Sometimes it seems a joke, because of the high caliber of musicians involved, sometimes it sounds like they are being fucking serious in what they are doing, and the posers better not mess with them. 

Vomitor is a band for eulogisers of the black past, like me, they don’t give up to false metal, and that’s why they are another band from Australian lands that is conquering America via Hells Headbangers. Honestly I’ve never doubted that. 


The Escalation is out now on Hells Headbangers.

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