Vista Chino - Peace (Napalm Records/3Wise Records)

This is how it's done...
Release Date: 
29 Aug 2013 - 11:30pm

This album is fucking brilliant. Yes, we all loved Kyuss but Vista Chino have thankfully ditched the Kyuss Lives! moniker and come into their own. Did I already say this album is fucking brilliant? Well, I'll say it again, and again and again...Having three ex-Kyuss members is obviously going to draw comparisons with the now defunct outfit but Peace simply has barrow loads more groove than anything that came before it. Tracks like Dargona Dragona are filled with that fat stoner, doomish riff that makes one grin like a lunatic; the blistering drums and thick, fuzzy groovish beauty are everywhere on this album. I'm instantly bobbing and nodding and laughing at this thing of joy.

John Garcia screams his heart out on Sweet Remain while As You Wish is slinky like a snake. Brant Bjork, the talented multi-instrumentalist bastard, pulls out some of the greatest drum-work I've heard while Bruno Fevery lays out freaky, sultry riff after freaky, sultry riff. Vista Chino are, without a doubt, their own beast with the rough and ready organic production fitting the music perfectly.

Tracks like Planets 1 & 2 have howling guitars that somehow transform into lumbering stoner mammoth tunes; the riffs kick in and I smash shit up. It's that simple. When Planets slows down mid-way it just becomes a massive head-shaking tune of epic proportions. Adara gets all sexy after the vastness of the previous track. Even the mellower numbers are drenched in fuzz. Nick Oliveri's bass cuts through and through, making me the happiest man alive. Mas Vino (a brief intrumental interlude) is the epitome of low-down, stoner groove. Cool as fuck, and fucking cool.

Every track on here will blow your mind, none more so that the album closer Acidize_The Gambling Moose which is 13 minutes of pure class. Kyuss is dead, long live Vista Chino. Absolutely incredible.