As They Burn - Will, Love, Life (Victory Records)

As They Burn gives the world another reason to love Paris. Will, Love, Life is a heady mixture of genres that work to create lush and powerful compositions that draw you in.
Release Date: 
19 Feb 2013 (All day)

Victory Records have snapped up another winner of a band with As They Burn. The band hails from Paris and it seems as if they've channelled all the best in music from the last 90 years. Paris was always a hotbed of jazz and blues and the best and brightest musicians of the early and mid twentieth century flocked there. I truly believe As They Burn are decended from such greats. Will, Love, Life has the smoky basement bar room feel to it. Will, Love, Life exudes wicked freedoms and heady excess.

Medicine 2.0 is a freakish combination of 80s waver music a la Fields of the Nephilim, growly screamo vocals of the 21century that play lightly with punk rock prowess, and a composition that sits in the pocket with the comfort and ease of good jazz. Origin is what a 1969 Camaro SS sounds like.  Origin is a 350 V-8. Origin is 121 mph and open road. Origin is four minutes and eleven seconds of driving happiness.

Dream Collapse has some wicked harmonies. It's another song that As They Burn shoot into the corner pocket and don't miss.The Conscious Man is brutal. From the vocals to the guitars to the drumming, brutal is the only way to describe the song. The breakdown at 2:18 is eerie. "Your soul is a waterfall where life is flowing down."

As They Burn layers a myriad of beats and harmonies with ease. Isis is full of rage and hatred. Hoby Arinosy and Fabio Meschini on guitars embibe some sludgy doomy bits that make one squeel with doomy glee. Milton Bakech on drums can be overpowering in some parts and drown out Kevin Trevor's vocals. It gives you the feeling of drowning in music. Until the very end where it becomes peaceful and understated. You've either died or Kevin is nursing you gently back to life.

Look for more ace bass work from Ronald Pastor and supporting beats from Milton on Frozen Vision Part 1. Frozen Vision meshes punk, skater, waver, sludgy, Blade Runner, Bela Lagosi; hell, As They Burn composed a song whose music is so full of imagery it's nigh imposible to keep just one image in your head. The song flows seemlessly into Frozen Vision Part 2. Maybe it's just the time, but I see a LOT of Game of Thrones here. Taking the Black. Going beyond the wall. Fighting Wildlings. Fear of the Others. Snow and ice. Winter is Coming.

When Everything Falls Apart is a speed metal freak fest. It's laid out in a classic speed metal way with vocals alternating between the growly and the nu-metal clean. A minute in the feel shifts to more 80s new wave then to more of a thrash theme. All through the song As They Burn are in the pocket. I swear these guys have got groove!

Will, Love, Life ends with another song that sounds like a car's engine. I don't know what Hoby and Fabio do with thier guitars that inspire me to get in my car and drive really fast, but I like it. Since it is quite a bad thing to drive your car with the intent of hitting people or shooting at them, I shall add this track to my Grand Theft Auto music and blast it as I'm blasting those that stand or drive in my way. I love the song Sons of Shiva. It's loud. It's bombastic. It propells me to go forth in my pretty floral bonnet and end someone. As the Sons of Shiva and indeed Will, Love, Life come to a close my Camaro SS heads out to parts unknown leaving behind dust. Watch these tail lights and thank the gods I am leaving and you are breathing. **shivers**

Honestly, As They Burn's Will, Love, Life put together a track list of songs that flow perfectly. The eleven songs are in an order that take you through some amazing terrain. As They Burn created thirty-six minutes of the best waver metal music this month. As They Burn's Will, Love, Life has a heady mixture of genre's and styles that keep the music fresh and exciting.  The compositions are so lush you get lost in the layers upon layers of music. Will, Love, Life is a must buy!