Sombres Forêts - La Mort du Soleil (Sepulchral Productions)

Annatar is the new voice of DSBM.

Sombres Forêts is a one man band from Quebec who gathered a strong cult following due to his excellent approach of the style called by most Depressive black metal.

But since forever the band hasn’t conformed to being a mere copy of Xasthur or Burzum. Since their inception with the excellent Quintessence in 2006 that band showed influences such as Wedard, Wigrid, Bilskirnir and other giants of the raw black metal since forever. 

You could even hear the mistakes committed by the drums during the execution of CD and the riffs were minimal but intense.

It was an instant classic, and in the following year the band released yet another classic of the style called Royaume de Glace with lots of acoustic guitars that make the raw became beautiful without sell-out and with a strong influence of their Quebecois  fellows of Gris (whose Annatar played in a project called Miserere Luminis).

But with the fame comes the change and I was really upset about what La Mort du Soleil would bring to the scene. The artwork is ASTONISHING and makes me want to put my hand in the original CD.

The sound, of course, has changed a little bit, with Annatar daring his hand more in the field of multiple riffages, but thanks Satan, it hadn’t compromised an iota of its legacy. The great difference as expected is that one won’t hear the raw drumming mistakes and out of tempo stumbles of the first album and the production is somewhat strange. But the old spirit is there in tracks like Brumes always maintaining the despair of being alive in this miserable world.

The pattern of keeping 7 songs continues as Annatar may believe it’s his lucky number, who knows?

The best part of course is when the acoustic guitar with a subtle bassline brings a sepulchral and depressive feeling. 

La Mort du Soleil is natural development that every musician who takes care of his art is doomed to experience and this is reflected in the audience. As for me is a welcome advancement and I hope he keeps it better and better in the works to come.


La Mort du Soleil is out now on Sepulchral Productions.