Satanic Threat – In To Hell (Hells Headbangers)

When Ian MacKaye is possessed by Satan!!!
Release Date: 
19 Mar 2013 - 1:30pm

Satanic Threat is a band formed by members of Nunslaughter, Midnight and so on. They are based in Ohio and their sound is a funny-as-fuck punk fully inspired by Minor Threat. Even the cover art reproduces their devotion to Ian MacKaye’s band showing a parody of Out of Step, but with the black sheep turned into a black satanic goat, in the best Impaled Northern Moonforest fashion. Even the price shown in the Out of Step (varying from $3,00 to $7,00) is now shown here with the tag price of $6,66.

Actually In To Hell is not a new release. It was launched in 2008 but now is being re-released with a bunch of bonus tracks (totalizing 16 in all) with a running time of only 32 minutes. In other words: satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. 

The bonus tracks per see are live versions with a bad quality but they will entertain the listener with the flooding of noise and feedback. The sound was clearly not taken from a mixer, it was recorded by a mobile at a distance… However the last track is an actual cover of Minor Threat called I'm not your Stepping Stone. 

However the studio tracks have a better quality (of course), I mean they are not very good (hahaha) but at least one can hear something. Guilt of Hating Christ,  He’s on The Cross, Small God Big Cross, Satanic Threat, Cursing at the Cross, and so on, are pure Satanic statements that the original Minor Threat never cared about, but the despair of the guy trying to imitate MacKaye is hilarious!!! In a good sense. It’s the kind of album that you’ll love or hate it at very first spin, and I simply loved it.

If you like your hardcore faster than usual, funny and EVIL, then Satanic Threat is a band you’re going to fall in love with. 100% recommended!