SaaR - The Last Day (Own Label)

Experimental (but not nearly enough)
Release Date: 
9 Jun 2013 - 11:30pm

French experimentalists SaaR haven't gone in for long-winded song titles, instead they've opted for Part I to Part IV on their latest release The Last Day. I thought I'd either gone deaf or there was an issue with my computer as I waited for Part I to begin; after about a minute of silence some electro hissing creeps in from some fizzy keyboards and then it's almost another three minutes before the big drone-like guitars kick in. There are a few drum beats and a smattering of cymbal. Waiting. Waiting. OK, so the track is almost eleven minutes long so SaaR have room to build but I'm getting tired of waiting. The composition rises and rises (or is that sinks and sinks, as if through water?) and it's almost five minutes in before some 'proper' guitar work starts to seep in. It's like a massively long intro for another song - and perhaps that's the best way to approach this album? Six minutes in and the pace starts to pick-up and the song gets a bit vigorous but alas! I'm impatient today so the drama is lost on me.

Part II is almost ten minutes long with lots of delay and echo on the guitars.

Part III starts with some slow low-end chords put through some reverb and some more electro elements come howling in.

Part IV is close to 13 minutes long but has muted groovy guitar work.

As albums go, it is experimental but for me it doesn't go far enough. It's OK, and perhaps this would be more suited to a live show where you might embrace the anticipation a bit more? You can stream it first before you buy so you can get an idea if you like it or not. I'd advise that you do so.