Pink Cream 69 – Ceremonial (Frontiers Records)

What do you get if you combine three Germans, an American and an Englishman? Worry not, there is no racist punchline. The answer: Pink Cream 69.

The Germany-based melodic hard rock veterans Pink Cream 69 know how to belt out a fine collection of songs. Having been around since the late 1980s, their C.V. is an impressive list of great rock albums... that no one has heard.

The latest record, Ceremonial, is album number eleven and the band’s first for six years since the excellent In10sity (see what they did there?). The new decade has not only brought with it some new ideas, and a new drummer, but an electric partnership between the band.

Ever present guitarist Alfred Koffler is once again joined by axe amigo Uwe Reitenauer. The two combine to form a Sykes/Vandenberg-sounding partnership inspired by Whitesnake’s heady glory time – the terrific, stomping rock of Big Machine being case in point.

Fronted by Burnley, UK, born David Readman, they have a singer of fine talent, who possesses the gravity of a voice that has been performing for so many decades, but near-to-zero of the withered, raggedy notes that befall even the best. Right up there with the likes of The Voice himself, Glenn Hughes, Readman can belt out the likes of pounding Let The Thunder Roll or demonstrate controlled power for the stunning Find Your Soul.

The trouble with Pink Cream 69 is they tend to get a bit carried away. So much sugary sweetness is poured over some tracks they cause involuntary wincing: the chorus to Special should carry a warning for diabetics.

Nevertheless, the stunning production work again by the band’s American bassist Dennis Ward, who also brings out a thumping display from new drummer Chris Schmidt, does more than enough to pull off a great album. Pink Cream 69 are among the best playing and writing modern hard rock. It’s about time you started listening.


Ceremonial is out now on Frontiers Records