NiteRain - CrossFire (Indie Recordings)

Turbocharged sleaze from Oslo rock city!
Release Date: 
15 Nov 2013 (All day)

Eighties metal cross-genre mashup ALERT! Young Norwegian sleaze bees NiteRain are here and, despite looking like they have a collective age of under fifty, they’re here to rock ya like it’s 1987!

Not only that, but on top of bringing the noize Sunset Strip stylee - and here's the cross-genre bit - , they’ve added a crunchy, Judas Priestesque guitar sound to the mix (and I’m talkin’ TURBO here, y’unnerstan’? Only the glammest of the glam for these boyz!) meaning that lipstick-lovin' laydeez and leather-rockin' men of war alike can get their teeth into the CrossFire experience!

At their best, on songs like Somebody Get Me a Doctor, they come on like a steamin’ AMALGAM of primetime Crue, Kix, Poison and LA Guns, their bubblegum metal polished and licked into shape by TNT guitar god Ronnie Le Tekro (and don't that name add some extra eighties metal kudos to the project!) for maximum thrill effect  and steaming out of your speakers like a dirty dog on rockin roll heat… Really if you love your leather tight and yer bands tighter there ain ‘t no reason – no reason on God’s good earth, sah – why yas all ain’t gonna dig the motherlovin’ shit outta this disc. 

My World has all the moves you need – low slung riff nirvana, and a gang chorus you’ll have down pat within seconds once you realise it’s the PERFECT accompaniment to Friday night fun-preceding mascara application, while the LOWDOWN filth of Run Run Run really does sound like the sorta thing Kix would’ve written around the time of their classic Blow My Fuse elpee back in the wonderful world of the eightease… 

I’ve said enough – you know what you like, and if your tastes are ANYTHING like mine then this is going on high rotation on your stereo radiogram sometime real soon – please believe me!