Nazarene Whore/Nocturnal Evil - Invocations Of Necro-Sodomy/Dark Realm Mysticism (Iron Bonehead Productions)

The cumulus of raw/noise black dirty music.
Release Date: 
2 Sep 2013 - 12:30pm

Hahahahaha…. I mean, seriously, this was my first reaction when I put this split on to spin, and I’m not being disrespectful to either band in anyway, but let’s put something straight. It isn’t everyday that I hear some of the most disgraceful and unrelenting non-sense noise in homage of Satan…

I can’t even say that this is music, but supposing that it is… it’s bliss to my satanic heart, and it should be more.

There are two styles presented here: black noise done by Nazarene Whore and raw black metal done by Nocturnal Evil. So What’s the difference??? Let’s check it out:

Nazarene Whore is a band that hails from Michigan, and (like Nocturnal Evil) is a one-man-band. Everything here supposes that the guy behind the project, Ray Rivera, has used drum machines to make his noise. The sound is superbly high pitched and it confuses the synapses. If you are into Intolitarian, Nyogthaeblisz and older acts like Havohej, you’ll totally enjoy the noisy destruction that ol’ mate Ray offers to us. Seriously this is ridiculously extreme, pure noise from the guts of Satan. Hail!!!! Great, great music.

Second band Nocturnal Evil hails from Argentina (Buenos Aires) and the difference is howling as this time around, the brainchild behind the project, simply nicknamed Nocturnal, shows us the simplest kind of black metal with the worst production EVER. No musicianship, no good riffs, and yet he manages to entertain the listener with the TRUE form of black metal. I dug it, really!!!

This is a fun release that is only recommended for people who like their metal extreme. Whether you care to take them seriously or not, is up to you. But HAVE NO DOUBT that the opus here was (well) made to destruct your life.  Don’t listen to it while your girlfriend is around.