Mother Susurrus - Maahaavaa (Ektro Records)

Hawkwind for a new generation...
Release Date: 
29 Mar 2013 - 12:30am

I think if you licked the cover of this album, you would find it to be soaked in lysergic acid diethylamide, and you'd suddenly find youself on a colourful jaunt around Trip Town. At least that's what I like to believe because this five piece from Finland have done something metal-trip-tastic - they've produced some heavyweight psychedlia that doesn't disappoint. Bung down some tabs and stick this on - you'll see what I mean.

The opener Superposition immediately strikes me as a sludgier version of Hawkwind with bags of swirling wah-wah and it drew me in straight away with its hypnotic riffing and lead guitar work that tips and tilts all over the place. You have to crank this bastard up for full effect, though. Midway through the track slows down and a bit of chanting slips into the procession, and there are some beautiful drum fills in the gaps between the slow, ringing chords. By now your hands should have tranformed into tentacles and you should have realised that the aeons are but the pulsings of thy blood. Man. It's a great opening track and I couldn't wait for some more. The wonderfully bent Scopolamine is next and it lurches about like a drunken sailor, all out of synch and out of time, with the repetition of riffs taking the listener on a hypnotic journey across strange, mutating landscapes. One of the beautiful things about this album is that despite there being a lot going on, none of it gets lost. The lyrics are delivered with great dramatic exertion but manage not to fall into cheesiness as the guitars snake in and out of the crushing riff that repeats over and over. It's heavy psychedlia and it's strong stuff.

Anagnorisis (I have no idea what the names of these tracks mean) conjures the howling wind - or is it a vocal line, or feedback, or synth? Everything is merging into everything else and it's a glorious thing. If the Paisley print were a piece of music, it would be this. I can pick out a number of effects pedals being used but the whole tune is a swirling broth of mushrooms and beats and beasts and stuff galore...apparently the talented jouhikko player Pekko Käppi "lays his divine flavorings" on this tune?! The jouhikko is some kind of harp and I'm digging this cat's vibe, baby. The song rises to a cacophony and I'm peaking out. The crescendo breaks and it's almost a relief when Ylosnousemus slips into the mix. It's disorientating with layers of vocals and instruments but again, nothing is lost on here. Finally Uniema strides into the room, a huge track at 15m and 12s; it's slow and deliberate with a big muff and huge fuzz. The sludge has come full circle and it's a sinister beast of doom. I get images of a spider-king and fear of the unknown. Suddenly the album is over and I'm immediately reaching up to push the 'play' button again - if only my tentacles were under my control. A searingly brilliant album that hooks you in from start to finish. Now I just need another lick of the album cover...