Mongrel - Reclamation (Immolation Records)

Mongrel has honed their craft and mastered a new way to balance old school punk intensity with slamming hard rock hooks and metal aggression.
Release Date: 
22 Jan 2013 (All day)

Mongrel has erupted out of the metal scene of Boston, MA, hungry and youthful; ready to unleash a unique dynamic and original sound that refuses to fit into the traditional mould. Equipped to take on the world, this female fronted aggressive punk-rock band sheds light on the belief that “punk” is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a state of mind. Started in 2003 and after going through some evolutionary lineup changes in the first half of 2010, Mongrel has honed their craft and mastered a new way to balance old school punk intensity with slamming hard rock hooks and metal aggression. This hard-core ensemble has toured extensively through the US, repeatedly  sharing stages with metal and punk icons such as FEAR, Blitzkid, Trashlight Vision, MISFITS (9x), GWAR, Korn, Dizzy Reed (Gn'R), Piggy D (Rob Zombie). Not only has Mongrel caught the attention of their fans but also the press by having RockMyMonkey album of the year 2010, “punk band of the year” by pulse Magazine in 2011,and being number 6 on the CMJ  “MOST ADDED” and hit 43 on the CMJ charts in 2012. This earned the band an impressive collection of endorsements and sponsorship’s. Moving forward Mongrel is back again this time packing a punch with their new album Reclamation.

The album opens up strongly with Bored to Death, the catchy distorted riffs and gritty abrasive vocals provide you the listener with a feeling that this band didn’t come to play, they came to kick ass and take names later. Pseudocide is rapid punk fever, hard hitting beats, tenacious vocals and harsh lyrics.  The third track Fuck off and Die is ruthless, if you think you’ve misplaced your anger this track will shove it right back down your throat. The distorted riffs and slamming drums set the tone for a true “fuck you’ ballet.  Zombies of War manifests a vision of doom filled fate, a March of death entrance drags you like a mutilated carcass through the sludge induced riffs and lethargic drum beats , while the vocals numb you in that moment of blood and vengeance. Tracks like More I Bleed, C and a Half and Crucifiction are highly energetic , intense and crude , offering the listener the true essence of rock and roll with a strong punk vibe filling your mind with rage and your body with the will to get up and fight. Songs like Tarnished Halo“ and Revisionist slow things down a bit with soothing bass and guitar licks, but only for a moment  and then the quiet melody is intercepted with true metal style, ludicrous solos and hard hitting speed beats. Stillborn Savior and Wake Up are brutal and severe reality checks being thrust into the face of humanity. The intense chugging guitarS mixed with booming beats and slamming bass are fierce. If you close your eyes you can invasion a swarm of minions drenched in sweat smashing their skulls against the amps while steel toed misfits stomp and smash into one another like beaSts. Last but definitely not least is No Gods, No Masters nothing beats a tune that has enough ‘fuck yous” to tell off an entire population of bastards. While all the ignorant pansies are whispering in the corners and judging, there is one voice that wails out from above , that of  Jessica Sierra (singer)  giving a new spin or Twisted Sister angle of 'We’re Not Gonna Take It”.

Reclamation is a robust collection of in your face brutal tracks. It takes the basics of rock n roll and injects it with spine tingling metal and abrasive high energy punk.  Mongrel takes the bull by the horns and roars out to a sea of devotees, hungering for the taste of brutality. With influences like Motorhead and Black Flag met by L7 and NIN the possibilities are endless for this band. Either way it can’t be denied that this album is a re birth of an era. If you’re a fan of metal, punk or rock and roll you’ll find everything you need right here. A must have!!