Momentum – Herbivore (Halo of Flies Records)

One of the most vicious things to hit London since The Plague.
Release Date: 
26 Feb 2013 (All day)

To say that the UK hardcore scene is not more full of life than a mangy discarded kebab on the streets of Liverpool is to cross the line between naïve and plain stupid. If you are a fan of American blackened, thrashy, gnarly hardcore bands like Black Breath or Trap Them and were waiting for a UK answer, here it is, ladies and gentlemen.

There’s not all that much I can say about this album without straying dangerously into needless hyperbole. But honestly, Herbivore is one of the most violent things I have heard this year. And that is saying something. Each track is a short, sharp burst of totally unstoppable aggression; a ridiculous gauntlet thrown down to other bands, with Momentum saying “Come on then, just try and be this heavy. I dare you.”

The songs all seem to deal with the relationship between humans and animals, and what it is to be a human being, in care of the rest of the world. The band even say in their press release: "Please consider the words we have written, and reflect on the rights of non human animals, their screams are much more significant and deserve much more attention than ours." A very admirable sentiment. The only slight problem is that the songs are so gnarly, and the production is so DIY that sometimes the lyrical content of the songs can be a little difficult, or downright impossible, to understand.

Nonetheless, with riffs like the central one in Realities of the Dairy Industry it becomes easy to forgive the band for this. You aren’t going to see this album in many (if any) people’s end-of-year lists, but if 20-minute final epic Conscientious Objector, and the maturity that this band has made since their first album Whetting Occam’s Razor, Momentum may yet win a deserving place in the UK underground scene.