Gravewürm – Infernal Minions (Hells Headbangers Records)

The primitive cult of hell!
Release Date: 
14 May 2013 - 12:30pm

The old and cold Gravewürm is fucking back, older and colder than before. This new album brings the cult of primitive death metal without signs of progression, and an almost punk approach in the sounds due to their uncompromising way of making old school music.

Infernal Minions brings an exquisite form and a blend of Autopsy, Hellhammer and Nunslaughter. 

The first two tracks showcase what they are meant to be, but its on the third track named Master of the Dark that things get really primitive and satanic. People of “the greater media” will find this album childish, simply because they suck! If it was only for this song, this album would get a 10/10 with no discussion. 

But Satan wants more blood from his minions, and the fourth disgrace called Dominion of Lost Souls brings forth the pure OLD Rotting Christ cult, mainly from the album Passage to Arcturo, specially if you’re old enough to remember the song The Forest of N’Gai. Even the poor keyboard resembles that song. I frown when I listen to this tune, really. 

The uneven punkish riffs and the mid-tempo and primeval drums of The Beast of the Abyss won’t go unnoticed and the dirty “solo” that ensues is pure ode to ancient black metal. 

Any form of modernity isn’t allowed here, and still, with three riffs they can produce killer tunes with demonic alacrity.  

The excellent I Die for Hell and the vocals a la Satanic Bloodspraying or Beherit brings heaps to their gestalt. Funeral Grave (the name of the vocalist) spews the “refrain” I die for hell, I die for hell, with the inflexion of the double L’s resounding like a vocalist of a German band which lives in a cave. Arrrrggh!

To put Gravewürm into any label of modern music would be an offence to the fans and to the band alike. If I would describe their sound in one understandable term of the modern press it would be “first wave of black metal”. But even that sounds silly, because they are more than an imitation. They are the partisan resistance of the old school metal from the 1990’s when the sound of 1980’s had begun to convert itself in modern forms of extreme music. They managed to keep it without change since the days of old, they’ve never sold out and they’ll never will!!! That’s for sure, bow down or go fucking die!