Front Beast – Demon Way of Sorcery (Hells Headbangers)

Teutonic PURE Black Metal for PURISTS - nothing more than that.
Release Date: 
20 Aug 2013 - 12:30pm

I don’t know why this band has been mistakenly labelled as heavy metal by some parts of the media, although it doesn’t have a huge following, it does have a cult following.

Formed by just one member Avenger, the band makes a pure form of black metal. Although primitive in form, it brings to mind the antique lords like Bathory, Vulcano, Hellhamer and some other things from the second wave of Scandinavian black metal. If you blend this with the Teutonic inheritance it becomes a timebomb. At least in this CD the sound never gets faster , and it’s kind of depressive. Songs like Heathen Night showcase the heinous atmosphere of pure black metal that reigns throughout the CD, but it is in the song Blackness into Eternity that the mistake made by ages about this band starts to become latent.

Apparently nothings has changed (it’s the fifth track) but some soloing reminiscent of Iron Maiden is sufficient for some MISINFORMED people to label a black metal band as a heavy metal band… Okay just sit right back for a moment, think and see: where does the METAL in the BLACK from??? No-brainer. So IMO Iron Maiden is much more BLACK METAL than the 100% of shoegaze brand of many of the bands out there. Period. 

Over again, a little leaning is made by the sixth track Filling Skulls with Angels Blood, it’s a kind of metal punk… Okay so are you going to say me that this is the music of the time. Yes, but Front Beast iwasbeing doing this BEFORE Darkthrone  decided to make it popular, and it is just a VARIATION of the other songs. Only the most attentive ears will perceive the change. 

The anthemic Hidden Black Wisdom is another piece of true metal, and it’s the best song of the album.

At the end of the day I agree that Front Beast is not a band for EVERYONE, but, fuck… they deserve even more than a cult following for they are MASTERS. They are not NEW, they are not FASHION, they are not recording TENTATIVE sounds, their cult is real, cold and old. But for some error they didn’t get the due attention that their other peers are getting right now, and against that I protest!!! They are the icing on the cake. My new poseur test: “hey dude, do you like FRONT BEAST?” – “Nay, I don’t even know them” – “So go die POSEUR”.