Deicide - In The Minds Of Evil (Century Media)

Pretty damn good...
Release Date: 
25 Nov 2013 - 12:30am

I'm delighted to report that Deicide are on a decidedly upward swing with their latest release In The Minds Of Evil, and it all kicks off in fine style with their opening track (as per the album title); a mentalist metal tune that dismisses any prejudice that you may be holding as a result of Deicide's admittedly inconsistent releases of late. Glen Benton growls his way through the track (and indeed the album) and Kevin Quirion makes an excellent recording debut. The blasting drums of Steve Asheim are a joy to behold, particularly on Thou Begone, matching perfectly with the absolutely stomping guitar riffs. Benton's lyrical obsession still rages against organised religion, which is predictable to say the least - but you can't deny the man's commitment, given that he used to sear an inverted crucifix into his forehead. Jack Owen and Quirion pull out some of the most heinous guitar solos on this album - indeed, it's their guitar work (especially the solos) that kept me going around the mid-way mark when a couple of tracks almost appeared to revert back to standard Deicide - but as an aside; I especially loved how the guitars continued to howl on the fade-out of Between The Flesh and The Void, like some rebellious athiest yelling at the poor dupes as he is burned at the stake for blasphemy. Or something.

As I said, the solos are lovingly torn from the guitars and this pulled my wandering attention back into line, though even the weaker tracks still throb with the dark blood of the Anti-Christ; though Benton might possibly disagree with that analogy, given his vexation with most things associated with Jeebers and the like. Trample The Cross was a particular favourite of mine on here, as was final track End The Wrath Of God, which switched from the blisteringly fast to a mid-tempo pace and back again with ease. Given that the pendulum of quality has swung into Deicide's favour for In The Minds Of Evil, I would suggest having a crack of this one; it's pretty damn good.