Dawn Of Ashes- Anathema (Metropolis Records)

Dawn of Ashes has resurrected the sounds and visions of horror, hatred and sexual perversion.
Release Date: 
9 Apr 2013 (All day)

Starting off as a Horror-Industrial act, DOA’s sound has evolved since 2001, delivering a new severe pulsation in which he embraces the elements of metal, rock and industrial.  Dawn Of Ashes has released a body of music throughout 2005-2012, including Farewell to the Flesh, Hollywood Made in Gehenna, The Crypt Injection and the horror-metal release Genocide Chapters. This year DOA arose and spewed forth their new album entitled Anathema. This vicious, stimulating and shocking compilation combines visions of lust, horror, hatred and sexual dominance as it creeps into the crevasses of your perverse mind. Anathema is shattering symphonies of sensual power, which are only heightened by the added masters, Nero Bellum of Psyclon Nine and Gary Zon of Dismantled, whom bring to light a new touch of evil. Kristof Bathory extends his jagged claws and drags you deep into his hellacious inferno of anguish, agony and arousal.

Bathory is dead set on sharing his vision of Hell, which becomes evident from the very instance you immerse yourself into the title track. Like a gothic Cinemax of horror, flesh and pussy punishers, this 3 part malicious slide show begins with the intro Scorned Upon’ the middle section Burned at the Stake and the closer Primordial Abomination. These tracks blend an array of orchestral lunacy, industrial enchantment and incantations from Kristof. While the closing piece with its gloomy brass and reeling percussion is full of theatrical dismay.  The lyrical sections of this album carry with it a vile explosion of verbal assault, as found in the depths of A Breathing Holocaust and Poisoning the Steps of Babel, featuring the equally sinister vocals of Nero Bellum.  Insidious (Of the Judas Breed) is injected with chugging riffs and mid-tempo industrial requiem, while Sex, Blood and Black Magic brings to the slab vile madness and sexual empowerment.  Industrial groves, impressive synth work merged with disturbing samples and psychotic sexuality in an ominous and freighting mode give you all the pain and pleasure u can take or so you thought.  Ending a Harrowing Wish pushes the extreme to the ultimate climax of volatile beats and placid moods.  As the cavern twists and turns tracks like Morphine Addiction, Torture Device and Systematic Guillotine leaves you bound, gagged, submissive while it screams out with sincerity in a lustful obedient demeanour.  The other guest appearance on this album comes from Gary Zon  who lends his more melodic voice on the unearthly Scars on Scars, impressive Piano/synth bring a slow and ghostly pace to a morbid and pulsating track.

  Tantalising with horrific sexual delights, Kristof Bathory drags you in, straps you down and sacrifices your psyche to a realm where nightmares become reality and brutality becomes a certainty. Dawn of Ashes has resurrected the sounds and visions of horror, hatred, sexual perversion and other shocking content that is spewed forth in the form of Industrial metal.