Convulsion – Inner Evil (Svart)

Real death metal from Suomen Tasavalta*
Release Date: 
25 Jan 2013 - 12:30pm

Hailing from Nokia, Finland, Convulse was one of the first Finnish bands to practice death metal in that country, as they had released their demo tape already in 1990 (the same year that the first official full-length of the style appeared in the country – Yeah from Xysma) and two years after that the first DM manifestations in form of demo tapes were circulating. 

So one can easily say that Convulsion is one the pioneers of Scandinavian death metal: however their last release was Reflections which was released almost 20 years ago! 

Now they are back with a 2-track EP called Inner Evil with more death metal in their luggage and this time they mean business. 

You might think that 2 tracks are not enough to show all their potential but think again: Pressed on vinyl, with mega organic and heavy production, with riffs that vary from snail paced to fast, this is the REAL DEAL. I wouldn’t say they are practicing “old school death metal” because they ARE old school, they are just making what they are supposed to make and mate, that’s fucking A.

The first song, (or the side A, as in the good times) contains the title-track, an almost 6-minute long track with all that raspy guitar, and headbanging drumming from the days of yore. The guitars have some melodic themes, but this is NOT, by any means a melodic band. Their metal is true, the song is catchy and that’s that. 

The second and last track, God is Delusion, is the best one, and starts with a classic melodic guitar, just to explode in an unrelenting death metal piece of scourging brutality. Over again the raspy riffs are there to make our heads fall, and the somewhat hardcore approach of the band add heaps to the fun. 

This is the kind of surprise that is reserved only for the die-hards who will run to get their copies. Do it. Essential stuff.

Inner Evil  is out now on Svart

*note from the writer - Suomen Tasavalta means Republic of Finland in Finnish and yes, I was just being fancy because screw you!