Cerekloth – In the Midst of Life We are Death (Hells Headbangers Records)

The death/black division from Denmark is back!
Release Date: 
16 Apr 2013 - 12:30pm

Cerekloth caused a great impression when they released their two EP’s and one demo, so it was about time they scheduled a 'proper' CD release.

This CD is so good to describe but I’ll try: killer death/black, disgusting lyrics against Christianity that would make any fan of bestial black metal grin with grimness!!!! 

The songs are all doom-laden, but by convention, one cannot call them doom just because of their snail-paced nature. They don’t fit into this label, they are a slow death metal band without blast beats, yet, fans of blasphemous music will dig them lots (if you never heard of them, it’s time…) and poseurs will reject them on sight. 

If I was putting a parallel with another band out there I could cite Benediction, but still they are more evil. The first two songs Praeludium + Born of the Void and Within the Hollow Crown showcases their ability to cause slow headbanging, but it’s on the third track called Halo of Syringes (which appear in the EP of the same name and the demo in different version) that they gain full traction with a vocal spewing words of loathing against religion. It’s traditional stuff, old school without making fools of themselves with poor production, they work with what they have and they do it with a sublime approach and a great consciousness of their role in the global black death game. 

The track Mesmerizing Holy Death with its ultra heavy riff and the terror-soundtrack “melody” a la Autopsy is a must for those who lived the old days of vinyl death metal. Best track of the disc.

Although naturally a fan of Hells Headbangers releases and previously knowing this band, I must confess I didn’t expect the splendour of this album. I’m happily surprised and I wish all death metal releases were like this one: Flawless and cult. I’ll get my original copy of this one for sure and so should you!