Broken Hope - Omen Of Disease (Century Media).

Swamped in the bowels of the repulsive and loathing, utterly grotesque disease!!! (you like what I did there?)
Release Date: 
30 Sep 2013 (All day)

It has been 14 years since the last Broken Hope album, and all I can say is………..comeback album of the DECADE!!!

I have been a fan of Broken Hope from way back, and have always admired their unashamed adherence to the formula of sonic and lyrical brutality. This new album kicks the teeth out of any decayed head and explodes the bloated innards of so many lumbering corpses.

Let’s start with a brief history lesson, shall we? Broken Hope have been treading the boards since 1988, and have released 5 albums prior to this one. Each album, from Swamped in Gore in 1991, The Bowels of Repugnance (1993), Repulsive Conception (1995), Loathing (1997) and Grotesque Blessings (1999) have built the standard or pure, horrific death metal.

Coming back, the maestro Jeremy Wagner (rhythm guitar, lyrics, music) has assembled a fetid monstrosity of metal to wreak havoc on the village of your mind! His song writing is the perfect combination of speed and groove, and lyrically he brings back the ‘anything you can do, I can make sicker’ ethos. I mean, where else would you read about a Geisha castrating people,,,,other than on a Broken Hope album!!!!

The lyrics on all Broken Hope albums have always been a major draw card for me. Jeremy and Co did horror death metal before Cannibal Corpse went in that direction (see Vile), and they make Mortician look tame in comparison. For instance, the song Predacious Poltergeist, is a pure showcase of FUCKING HORRIFIC death metal!!!!

Joining Wagner is another Broken Hope veteran Shaun Glass on Bass, who’s tone on this album causes skeletal structures to vibrate and explode. Shaun both riffs madly during the faster sections, and when it comes to the patented BH groove sections, his strings garrotte your mind.

The Lead Guitar is wielded with precision by newcomer Chuck Wepfer, who shreds the solos to pieces on this album. Stand out work of his are the songs The Flesh Mechanic, and title track Omen Of Disease.

Vocal are handled by the strep infected larynx of Damian ‘Tom’ Leski, formerly of Disgorge (The US one, not the one from Mexico, Germany, Australia or Spain). Stepping in the big and much beloved shoes of Joe ‘The Esophagus’ Ptacek, who passed away in 2010. Joe was one of the most brutal DM singers, of all time, so Damian has big shoes to fill.

Damian totally fits into Broken Hope, his vocal presence is from beyond the abyss, and he is so subhuman that is brings a shiver to your spine. As in all Broken Hope albums, you NEED the lyric sheet, as the vocals are of the ‘got deep?’ playbook.

Whist all the songs on this album are solid gold, I would be remiss in my duties to not highlight a few more that tickled my fancy. Give Me The Bottom Half, Rendered Into Lard (with guest vocals from Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder), and Carnage Genesis. Get this album now, it is a must for all fans of Broken Hope, brutal death metal, and especially for those head bangers that love ‘the riff’.