Bölzer – Aura (Iron Bonehead)

The cult of aural madness
Release Date: 
13 May 2013 - 12:30pm

Bölzer is a band that hails from Switzerland but it had its beginnings in New Zealand with the vocalist of Witchrist called KzR (actually it’s unclear to me where he resides but anyway), and the other member is called HzR who allegedly plays drums.

Anyway, for the intense production and sound of these lads, it’s clear they are no beginners in the scene and that this 12”MLP will consolidate the name Bölzer as a great option in the brutal and primitive death metal field.

The album has only 3 tracks though.

The first one has the right velocity, the tempos are enough for a good headbanging from hell, and it hoards a great amount of heaviness and cyclopean riffages. It’s simply gargantuan death metal for real deathbangers.

Second attack called Entranced By The Wolfshook uses almost the same formula, but it has a middle section which is very hypnotic and tribal, notwithstanding it’s even more colossal than the first one.

Last track called The Great Unifier is a 10-minute epic welding all these elements together, it has several variations of tempos and phrases, never getting boring and only adding up to the opus as a whole. The guitar work (at least for this kind of primitive style) is superbly well-done. 

Aura is one of the greatest bets around in the extreme field and Bölzer is doomed to become a favorite amongst die-hards.